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New York - based Artist LJ Lindhurst

"I generally work from original photographs* of subjects that I find visually appealing. I like to explore the colors and textures of objects at a macro level. My paintings typically feature close-up views of tiny objects; I am particularly drawn to toys, candies, and other often-overlooked detritus of our popular culture. I find that when you isolate and magnify small details from these otherwise insignificant objects, they reveal more than just their hidden beauty; the mere act of enlarging these items to thousands of times their natural size and rendering the detail in paint creates a distinctly absurd sense of comedy". - LJ Lindhurst

Felicità smarrita Un nido di sogno

Artist Luciano Ventrone

  • Felicità smarrita
  • Un nido di sogno

Artist Dascanio Emanuele

Christopher Stott Realistic Paintings

Josep Moncada Juaneda - Abrazar el pasado, vivir el presente

Cindy Wright - Collector’s item 2010 Oil on linen

Shower & Bath - Alyssa Monks

Artist: Paul Fenniak - Arrival of the Homing Pigeon

Artist: Elizabeth Patterson 

Beverly Glen Boulevard, 5pm, No 2 - Color Pencil, Graphite, Solvent

Artist: Elizabeth Patterson 

Artist: Elizabeth Patterson 

Artist: Marta Penter

Artist: Marta Penter   "ABSENCE"  Oil on Canvas 47X70in

Artist: Peter Matthews   'Girl in the Window'

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