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Packed Building Lower Manhattan Packed Buildings

Christo and Jeanne-Claude  “Wrapped Buildings, New York City”

  • Packed Building (Project for 1 Times Square, Allied Chemical Tower N.Y.) Collaged photographs 1968 (Detail)
  • Lower Manhattan Packed Buildings (Project) 2 Broadway and 20 Exchange Place | Photomontage 1964-66 (Detail) 

In February 1964, Christo and Jeanne-Claude arrived in New York on board of the SS France. Shortly after seeing the tall buildings of downtown Manhattan from the bow of the ship, Christo did the first collages of Two Lower Manhattan Wrapped Buildings, No. 2 Broadway and No. 20 Exchange Place. Later, when Christo and Jeanne-Claude met with the owners to request permission to realize the project, the answers were negative.

The collage art of Jordan Clark

Beautiful Photographic Collages By Nacho Ormaechea

Collaborative Collages by Irina & Silviu Székely

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Lola Dupré#275. New York Magazine

New York Magazine, March 26th 2012 issue.

Illustration for Listening to Xanax

Based on an original photograph by Shaun Kardinal

Artist Lola Dupré - Manipulation of an original photograph of Kate Moss by Mario Testino.

by Los Angeles based photographer Matthew Brandt which takes his work to a conceptual level. The idea for his Lakes & Reservoir series is pretty straightforward, he takes color photographs and then soaks them in the specific lake or reservoir water that they represent. But the results are totally fantastic, with colors leaking and swirling around, almost like tie-dye gone wrong. In other photos the effect is almost like the reality of the world pictured is starting to fade away. Such a beautiful technique.

Susan Sironi


Israeli photographer Tamir Sher introduced us to his “Masters on 45s” series after seeing our review of similar concept by Johnny Christmas – He goes onto explain: “I took my old record player and decided to use it in my work before I threw them away. I put a reproduction of an old masters painting and my son’s superheroes on it and took pictures at variable speeds.

legan roosterbellas

Yovcho Gorchev

Yovcho Gorchev - PAPER VOL.2

Photographer Marc Yankus

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