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The World’s Smallest Gallery

Determined to figure out a way to show his large scale landscape photos on the web, photographer David Anthony Hall decided to do something different. With works that are up to 3 meters long or about 9 feet, he knew he had to think “outside-the-box,” ultimately coming up with the idea of building the world’s smallest gallery. By reducing the size of his works to a scale of 1:50 and then added in miniature figures, he hopes to show his audience both the scale and size of his images for those looking at them on a standard 17” computer screen. The website he created is called

David Anthony Hall’s website

Knight Nick: photographer

Photographer Marc Yankus

Photographer Marc Yankus

Photographer Marc Yankus

Photographs by Jeffrey Milstein

Artist - Xim Izquierdo

Photographer - Matthias Hempt


Artist - Ashkan Honarvar


Artist - Ashkan Honarvar


Artist - Bianca Green

"Put your records on"

Artist - Katty Bouthier

Nothing lasts forever”

Artist - Lee Horyon

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