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Illustrations by Yuriy Ratush

Flesh Love / Photographer Hal

Artist  Jung-Hyoun Lee

Knight Nick: photographer

Sorrenti Mario: photographer

Video artist Marco Brambilla

Urs Fischer

Noisette” Hole in wall, silicone, motion sensor, electric motor, mechanism

The Art of Brian Morris

Photograph by Philippe Jarrigeon

There’s something about Philippe Jarrigeon’s photography that you just can’t put your finger on.

Artist - Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn is an artist that uses an array of different materials, from gold to plaster to blood, as he creates his work that dances on the line between cerebral and sexual. These particular pieces are from his exhibition, “Allanah, Buck, Catman, Chelsea, Michael, Pamela And Thomas” at the White Cube Gallery in London.

Artist - Kim Rosen

"Runners"   "Alzheimer"

Artist - Manuel Martí Moreno

Sculptor Manuel Martí Moreno lives and works in Valencia, Spain and forms these wonderful figurative pieces out of iron nuts.

Artist - Valerie Patterson

"On The Beach"

"Great Expectations"

Artist - Magdalena Dukiewicz

corpse1 - craneo2 “

Artist - Magdalena Dukiewicz


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