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Bob Potts is a kinetic Sculptor in upstate New York. His work renders motions inspired by nature into graceful and silent mechanical forms. The craftsmanship of his work is visible in every detail.

[ gif made by DevidSketchbook ]

'versus' by David Letellier (kinetic sound sculpture - VIDEO)

artist david letellierhas developed a kinetic sound sculpture entitled ‘versus’. the piece consists of two fan-like components placed on two walls facing one another within a small gallery space. both units are built from twelve triangular, hinged panels arranged in a circle around a loudspeaker and microphone, powered by six linear actuators moved by a digitized system. ‘versus’ works in the way that one piece emits a small sound to which the other simultaneously records and analyzes this noise, then spinning and shifting according to the frequency of the initial tone. the second sculpture now plays back the recorded sound including any errors from disturbances of sound observed in the space by the influence of visitors. the altered sound continues to play back and forth between the two pieces, building upon the tone just before. the communication occurring between the sculptures becomes a degraded entity, adding to depth and complexity to the work then superseding the power of the basic form of the structure, now existing as a mutating, independently forming piece within the gallery space.

[Via designboom]

U-Ram ChoeOpertus Lunula Umbra (Hidden Shadow of Moon) 
Scientific name : Anmopial Pennatus lunula Uram

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