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Photographer: Per Johansen - mæt (full)

Artist Rebecca Stevenson - Rose White

( Polyester resin, wax 70 x 55 x 33 cm )


The Art of the Conceptual Photograph 1915 – 1920

Featuring work by: Mole and Thomas, E.O. Goldbeck, and Others

'crazy hyperculture in the vertigo of th the insulated pathway curves through the a path way splits in two ground view of the sculpture

Ernesto Neto: crazy huperculture in the vertigo of the world

brazilian artist Erneto Neto has created ‘crazy hyperculture in the vertigo of the world’. neto has created a insulated, suspended labyrinth covers the entirety of the space. the tactile installation is one in which the gallery goer enters the sculpture, walking from the entrance of the ground floor to the sky-path the artist created. strung through out the membrane are small satchels containing spices of various color and scent, further engaging the viewer with the interactive sculpture. the work is formed with the ideals of neo-concreto, ‘places the spectator at the center of creative action’ concept in mind, engaging many of the viewer’s senses in order for the individual to fully comprehend the piece. 
'crazy hyperculture in the vertigo of the world' was developed for installation at faena arts center, in buenos aires, argentina.

Will Duty - Untitled (00034) 2011 graphite on paper 20” x 15”

run for your life By Mads C. Forchhammer
trasfigurazione By Graziano Racchelli

‘a love story of stefan chinaski’ by photographer Gaetano Giordano

Striking conceptual photography with references to psychoanalysis and surrealism.

Christian Marclay - Untitled (Studio Floor)

Artist: David Datuna   “Box of Life”

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