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Artist Ray Massey - I was first exposed to light in Somerset in the South-West of England. Thirteen years later I discovered photography whilst experimenting with pinhole cameras made from coffee tins. To this day the emotional experience of watching my first print develop before my eyes remains with me as constant reminder of the magic of photography.

I consider photography and retouching to be two interdependent elements of the same process of image creation that benefit from a common art direction.

My earliest work consisted of editorial commissions for magazines, record covers and book jackets before establishing a firm base of design and advertising clients.

Ray Massey on tumblr

alva bernadine: born with three mouths

designboom has received images the second installation to london-based photographer alva bernadine’s ’born with three mouths’ supernatural short film series. the featured performer, hellen also known as traumata, is a body art performer who speaks about her split tongue and ability to manipulate either side of the muscle following an operation in this surrealistic interview. 

Paintings by Chadwick & Spector

Markus Ben Fuchs edited the project Bodylines

Artist Disappears in the Background of Her Works

Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes uses a mix of make-up, paint and costumes to make herself disappear in her own paintings. Like the real-life invisible man, Liu Bolin, she  is a master of blending-in the background.

Blue Lips ans Tentacles – Photography by Cris Alex

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