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Ideamaker Dusan Cezek (tumblr) - "After a great success of my previous (Pixelwood) 8bit project I have decided to make a sequel. As it should be, its done with bigger budget, bigger “A list” names and richer effects, but nothing can be better than original. So, pretend you like it.” 

Artist Ori Gersht | gif made by Artist Ori Gersht | gif made by


Photographer and video artist Ori Gersht - "The series calls into question our familiarity with our own natural habitat, pointing out the gulf between the sky that we believe we know, and that of the photographs: a gap between the mechanical, attentive and unassumptive vision of the camera, and the presumptive and subjective vision of the human eye."

original video “Pomegranate" & "Big Bang

gif made by DevidSketchbook ]

EXISTENCE (enjoy video)

Directed | Filmed & Edited Michael Shainblum

Michael Shainblum - "It’s been almost a year since I started my journey into time-lapse photography. This project has been an ongoing process for about 4 months. There was a lot of trial and error involved, and I spent many sleepless nights in many different unexpected places. I realized through the process that the gear isn’t as important as the passion you put within your work.

This short video is called EXISTENCE. The video is a statement not only about time and progression, but also a statement about the world we have created for ourselves. The basis of the video contrasts the two extremes of life itself: the urban metropolis, and the beauty outside the city. Watching the milky-way float across the sky is one of the most therapeutic experiences I have ever felt. If you haven’t experienced it, then I strongly recommend taking the time to do so.”

(Music: Phaeleh)

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Animated GIFS by Hara Katsiki

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Artist Jeremiah Johnson - Past Lives

Jeremiah Johnson is a computer musician and artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

His installations, talks and performances have been presented internationally at venues such as Eyebeam: Art + Technology Center, the Museum of the Moving Image, and iMal: Centre for Digital Cultures & Technologies among others.

[New Media Lecture Series]

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flyingson(2) Tumblr

alva bernadine: born with three mouths

designboom has received images the second installation to london-based photographer alva bernadine’s ’born with three mouths’ supernatural short film series. the featured performer, hellen also known as traumata, is a body art performer who speaks about her split tongue and ability to manipulate either side of the muscle following an operation in this surrealistic interview. 

A Mind-Melting Animation for Good Books International -  VIDEO

Loaded with visual references to the writing of Franz Kafka and Hunter S. Thompson this incredibly slick animation was created by Brookyln-based Antfood for online bookseller Good Books International that donates 100% of its profits to Oxfam. There’s another versionincluding narration of Hunter S. Thompson that probably explains the visuals a bit better, but I personally found it a bit distracting.

yamithhead: blink, blink, blink.

Idées noires from philippe carron on Vimeo.

Idées Noires

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Urge by ~clayrodery

Sebastien Tellier - Look

The Last Christmas…

Artist - Danny Gardner     “Animation Style”

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