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'TURN OFF THE LIGHT' Light-painting performance

Inspired by Arabic calligraphy, rap lyrics and poetry, Julien Breton, under the moniker Kaalam, is creating calligraphic work that is radiant, elegant and completely breathtaking. Teaser of the light-painting’s performance “Turn off the light” introducing the future show in 2013.

artist jon hewitt | artist jon hewitt | artist jon hewitt |


about artist: jon hewitt is an artist because he is not good-looking enough to be a model, atletic enough to be a football player, passionate enough to be an actor, rhythmic enough to be a musician or clever enough to be a scientist. he studied fine art at oxford brookes university in the uk. he has exibited in australia and internationally and recently comleted a residency at red gate gallery in beijing, china. he also ran the trans-siberian arts centre with artist britt salt earlier this year. his work is held in collections in australia, the uk an usa. he never uses capital letters. ever.

Andres Bedoya   "Ultra Madre"   [Video]

In 2009 Andres Bedoya organized a haunting performance installation “Ultra Madre,” in which 57 women lay still on the scaffolding of the main arch of the Museo Nacional de Arte in La Paz, Bolivia. For one hour the women did not move, their long, black hair cascading down the 15-foot structure. The jarring image of the soft hair against the rigid architecture stirred a quiet but lasting sense of unease.

Installation and Performance - mixed media, approx. 8’ w x 15’ h x 5’ d, National Museum of Art, La Paz, Bolivia, 2009.

Marina Abramovic

Marina ABRAMOVIC - Portrait with Scorpion (Closed Eyes - Open Eyes)

Paintings by Chadwick & Spector

Artist: Kamila Musilova

Artist: Roman Signer - Zwei Schirme (Palais de Tokyo), 2009

 Sarah Trouche - Action for China, Songzhuang, China, 2011 - Photography mounted on aluminium (105 x 70 cm) (30 x 20 cm)

Haroshi’s new original sculptures

Artist - Brunotti Francesco


Photographer - Welch David

"Car Culture Totem, 2011"


"To eat is to appropriate by destruction" - Jean-Paul Sartre (French existentialist and writer, 1905-1980)

Artist - Jesse Morgan Barnett 

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